Welcome Runners to the Endless Summer Trail Run Series Murphy 5KM! Below are just a few reminders about tonight’s race – be sure to visit our website for full event details.

ESTRS Murphy 5KM
Wednesday July 31, 2019
Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve
15501 Murphy Lake Blvd
Savage, MN 55378

Check-In Starts at 5:00 PM – Race Starts at 6:30 PM

* We understand that work days can be a little hectic, if you arrive after the start of the race you will not be able to pick up your number / officially start the race, however, you are welcome to get your swag item, go out for a run on your own and join us after.

Trail Conditions Update:
The trails at Murphy are generally in decent shape, but the wetter than average year that we have been having has taken its toll on some of the trail and also around 1.5 miles into the race, there is an approximate 100 foot stretch of trail that is completely flooded / submerged, your feet (ankles and shins, maybe even knees if you are short) WILL get wet. There is an unsanctioned reroute through the woods on higher ground that people have been using all season, which the park has given us permission to use as well. We will mark the race course on the main trail / right through the water and strongly prefer that you go that way / right through the water. If you want to pick your way through the woods / on higher ground feel free, but we cannot guarantee that there will not be itch-weed / nettles, poison ivy etc. We have offered to the park that we will build them a more permanent Spring / Summer / Fall reroute up the slope as the current ski trail portion runs right through the corner of a wetland and when the water is high like it is this year, that section of trail stays flooded – obviously this is not an issue in the Winter for skiing when the wetland / pond is frozen.

There is limited parking on site at the Murphy trailhead. Overflow parking is across Hanrehan Lake Blvd at the Wildflower Early Learning Center. When both lots fill, we do have permission from the city this year to park on one side of the gravel portion of Murphy Lake Blvd – PLEASE DO NOT USE NEIGHBORS DRIVEWAYS TO TURN AROUND WHEN YOU LEAVE. The final overflow location is at Red Tail Ridge Elementary School (approx 1 mile away), we should not have to use that this year, but, you never know… so, please carpool and leave enough time to walk to the race start! Volunteers will direct you where to park, please follow their instruction.

Race Numbers:
Please know your race / bib number at check in, you can find that HERE https://www.estrs.com/2019-estrs-murphy-5km-bib-number-assignments/

NO Race Day Registration:
Please note that we do not offer race day registration.

Bring ID:
Be sure to bring your ID when you check in / pick up your race number if you care to have a beer after – you will be issued a wrist band at this time – you can also bring your ID later but before is preferred.

Chip Timing:
We will be chip-timing this race, your chip will be affixed to your race bib / number, please do not bend or fold your race number / timing chip.

Weather, Heat & Thunderstorms:
It’s Summer, it can be hot. Be sure to carry water if you feel you will need it, for races over 5KM we will have a water stop around the half way point – SO, THERE IS NOT WATER STOP FOR THIS RACE. We expect that you will use your personal judgement in deciding if it is too hot for you to run. The race will be held rain or shine – however, severe weather is a different story. To date we have never called off a race early / in advance due to the potential for severe weather – hopefully, the worse case scenario would be a delay in the start time once unsafe weather conditions have passed. If severe weather were to persist after a reasonable amount of time we would call off the event.

Not sure what it was about this race, but in all of the years doing the series I have never gotten so many questions about dogs. We love dogs. Dogs are welcome at the start / finish area (on leash) but MAY NOT run with you during / in the race. Reasons? There are a lot of people, trails are narrow, our insurance does not cover it etc.

Results will be posted live / in real time HERE https://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-49449

We will have some sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and posters for sale, cash or check only. You can get an idea of the offerings HERE https://photos.app.goo.gl/HMuWgPX6wNEx6jsv7

Review our Website:
This email is not intended to be comprehensive, please take a moment to review all other information / everything you need to know can be found HERE https://www.estrs.com/ and HERE https://www.estrs.com/murphy-5km/

In Closing:
If you email us today there is no guarantee that we will be able to get back to you – we will be at Murphy getting things ready for tonight! Everything you need to know should be on the website or listed above. See you all tonight for the race and pizza, refreshments and fellowship after!

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]