Volunteer Jobs
Please review all of the information provided for the job(s) that you have been assigned to and print what you think you may need.  We also ask that you review rest of the general information on the website so you can be the best resource possible for participants and fellow volunteers.  A list of volunteer assignments can be found HERE.  Thank you!
Course Marking

Meet the race director between 11:00AM and 1:00PM on race day to help mark the race course.  Course marking takes between 1.5 and 3.5 hours depending on the specific course, distance and conditions.  Suggested that you wear a hydration pack (do not carry water bottles as you need use of your hands), sun-screen, bug repentant, rain jacket, work gloves, etc.  Dress light and be prepared to move quickly – mostly fast walking while installing flags with some slow jogging depending on time.


Parking, believe it or not, is one of the most important jobs on race day. Arriving and parking at the event is runners first touchpoint with the race and we want it to be a positive, low-stress experience for them. Keep in mind that it is a weeknight, runners may have been stuck in traffic, running late from work, and may be stressed. If anyone is stressed, impatient, etc. please kill them with kindness – it is the best technique!

The goal is to help direct traffic / parking so we safely optimize the parking space available to us at each venue.

You will meet at race start / finish area at 4:45PM, looking for parking coordinator Bill Pomerenke. Bill will provide instruction and introduction to other volunteers helping with parking. Bill will be wearing a blaze orange safety vest. You will be issued a fluorescent yellow safety vest and two-way radio (parking uses channel 1). The parking volunteer position lasts until about 6:30PM. You may want a hat / sunglasses for a sunny day, and a rain jacket for inclement weather. Having a beverage with you is a good idea.

Runner Check-In

Help get runners checked in, hand out “swag” (usually stickers), check ID’s / hand out wrist-bands, answer questions and more.  Starts at 5:00PM, arrive by 4:45PM for instruction and to meet up with rest of volunteers that are helping.  Report to race start / finish area.  Goes until about 6:30PM.

Water Stop

Water stops are located about 3 miles into each race (no aid station for our 5Ks) – so usually see their first runners around 6:45PM – so, if possible report to the start finish area around 6:00PM to meet up with other volunteers who are headed to the aid stations or to get final instruction.  Help setup the aid station – then when runners come through hand them water, sponges etc. and look for any runners that might be in distress.  Help cleanup aid station when all runners are through and haul equipment back to the trail when done.

Finish Line
Help work finish line by handing runners drinks, helping those that may not be steady on their feet and generally being of assistance to runners and our timers.  First finishers start coming in around 6:45PM for the shorter races and around 7:00PM for the longer races.  Goes until the last finisher comes through!
Timing Helper
Help our timers by calling out bib numbers, manually punching numbers into a keypad or provide other general assistance to timers as needed.  Being good with numbers and computers is helpful – having decent vision and being calm under fire a must!  Report to the start finish are to meet up with timers prior to the start of the race / by 6:30 – first finishers start coming through around 6:45PM to 7:00PM depending on the race distance.  Goes until last runners are finished!
Finish Area / Food Help
Report to start / finish area.  Help distribute food, clean up trash and generally be of assistance to runners and your fellow volunteers!  Starts around 7:00PM and goes until about 9:00PM, then we do a final cleanup.
Course Sweeping

This volunteer position is for those that are looking to make a long term volunteer commitment, i.e. sweeping (and marking) trails for several years and while it is one of the funnest jobs it is also one with the steepest learning curve and its execution is imperative to the safety and success of the event. Please email us if you have interest in learning our trail marking system and would like to become a trail marker / sweeper for us!

Responsibilities: The Sweeping team follows the last runner; picking up flags and arrows, looking for runners in distress, and picking up any garbage (from the race, or otherwise). Course sweepers should be very fit and able to cover the course without issue. Sweepers will be hiking, not running. The sweeping team should always stay together / never split up, unless in the event of an emergency where splitting up is warranted and carefully coordinated. Carrying a small pack to stash marking arrows is suggested. If you have a small first aid kit, you should bring it. Plan to be out for an extended duration. Bring water and some calories. Carrying a first aid kit is advised.

The Lebanon 10KM is a two loop course. The last runner needs to be followed (at a respectful / just out of sight distance) on the first loop, so we know where the last runner is on the second loop – so we know when it is safe to start picking up flags / taking down the course. The other three races in the series are single loop races, so flags can be picked up right away / behind the last runner – appropriately reconfiguring any intersections that see two way traffic.



Those that are staying until the bitter end to help pack the trailer and do the final cleanup – you are our hero’s!  Usually start picking up some stuff and slowly packing the trialer around 8:00PM – by 8:45PM it is in full swing and we are usually done by 9:15PM.  Always looking for people who are good at organization and packing up a trailer!  Have some skills related to this – we could use you at several / all of the races!