Volunteer Assignments

Below is a master list of registered volunteers for all of the the Endless Summer Trail Run Series races.  To see specific  volunteer job assignments for each individual race in the series please follow links below.

Lebanon 10KM   |   French 5KM   |   Lebanon 7MI   |   Hyland 7MI

First Name
Last Name
robyn, william, karlreed, layton2017 ESTRS
TimPetersonLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
Wendi BaldwinLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
JillStewardLebanon 10KM
JenStanersonLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
PatLehnherrLebanon 10KM
Christine OlsonLebanon 10KM
SamOlsonLebanon 10KM
GabrielThompsonLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMHyland 4MI
GarySheetsLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
haroldcuriozLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
CurtisSeelenLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
DavidSoukupHyland 4MI
DavidSoukupFrench 5KM
DavidSoukupFrench 5KM
NoraDragichLebanon 10KM
MatthewMcCartyFrench 5KMLebanon 7MI
JenniferJensenLebanon 10KM
AmySissalaLebanon 10KM
BryonHoernerLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
NickRyanLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
BrianCorgardFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
BrianCorgardFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
PatrickLehnherrLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
ConorCallaghanLebanon 10KM
MichellePrattLebanon 10KM
JessSedivy GundersonLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MI
KateLeisFrench 5KMHyland 4MI
LukeOakenshield Lebanon 10KM
BobMarshLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
LeslieNagelLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MI
EricNelsonLebanon 7MI
AmyClarkLebanon 10KMFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
CraigJermasekLebanon 10KM
GretchenYkemaLebanon 10KM
DrewYkemaLebanon 10KM
ScottDeyoLebanon 10KM
KatieThompsonLebanon 7MI
DebDonovanLebanon 7MI
Troy FeustelLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MI
BrianJanaszakLebanon 10KM
tonybauerLebanon 10KM
Christine OlsonFrench 5KM
ErinHansenLebanon 7MI
LilyJilkLebanon 7MI
JamisonSwiftLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MI
JimWilsonLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MI
KevinKaiserLebanon 10KM
bennettisabellaLebanon 10KMLebanon 7MI
MadelineHarmsLebanon 10KM
RachelTuriLebanon 7MI
BeckyDeGrootFrench 5KM
LorryBorisevichFrench 5KM
CarrieKujakFrench 5KM
ErinBasavageLebanon 7MI
AndyHurdFrench 5KM
Deborah Hudleston Lebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
KellyJensenFrench 5KM
DonnaCarpenterFrench 5KMLebanon 7MI
RyanHallermannFrench 5KM
MeredithCummingsFrench 5KMLebanon 7MI
ErinBellFrench 5KM
MikeWheelerFrench 5KM
ScottBlairFrench 5KM
GraydonWheelerFrench 5KM
SarahMatthiesenFrench 5KM
JeffLeuwerkeFrench 5KM
IngridRemakFrench 5KMLebanon 7MI
JasonTintesFrench 5KM
JasonTintesFrench 5KMLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
JamieGeyerFrench 5KM
StefanieAndersonLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
TysonAndersonLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
LarsRoeLebanon 7MIHyland 4MI
DonnaCarpenterHyland 4MI
WendyNelsonLebanon 7MI
KevinKaiserHyland 4MI
JamieGeyerLebanon 7MI
MarieHueyLebanon 7MI
CraigJermasekLebanon 7MI
FrederickKYCEKLebanon 7MI
LauraGrimesLebanon 7MI
katybabinHyland 4MI
April VaughnLebanon 7MI
BrentMagnussonLebanon 7MI
JosephBaronLebanon 7MI
NeilJohnsonHyland 4MI
JoeEffertzHyland 4MI
JanaEffertzHyland 4MI
AndyHurdHyland 4MI
LauraGrimesHyland 4MI
ErikKoehlerHyland 4MI
Christa GALEHyland 4MI
FrederickKYCEKHyland 4MI
CoreyMartinHyland 4MI
ZelJohnstonHyland 4MI
NathanHopkinsHyland 4MI
GretchenYkemaHyland 4MI
DrewYkemaHyland 4MI
AudreyYkemaHyland 4MI
Luke Twedt Hyland 4MI
MichaelaTsaiHyland 4MI
ScottBlairHyland 4MI
JuliaLyngHyland 4MI
LaurelSipeHyland 4MI
Jennifer JensenHyland 4MI
MichaelWheelerHyland 4MI
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2018 Endless Summer Trail Run Series (ESTRS)

Weeknight trail races for everyone!
Twin Cities area, Minnesota
4 X Wednesday Nights
Races start at 6:30PM

* Click links below for info specific to each race.

Lebanon 10KM – Wed May 23
French 5K – Wed June 13
Lebanon 7MI – Wed July 11
Hyland TBD – Wed Aug 1

Opens Monday January 1st, 2018 – 12:01AM CST
Closes the Tuesday before each event  at 11:59PM – OR once the field limit has been met.
Complete Registration Details HERE


About ESTRS:
Remember when you were young and the summer days were hot, relaxing and seemingly endless?  Well, as adults we still get that but usually only on weekends and holidays… until now.  The Endless Summer Trail Run Series is the brain-child of two passionate Minnesota trail-running main-stays – Rocksteady Running and Twin Cities Running Company.  The series was created to provide low-key, low-pressure trail running / racing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned trail or road racer, first time trail-racer, need a tune-up for your next race, need to get in some speed-work or just want to have some pizza, pop and beer with us at the finish – running one or all of the races in the series is for you.  The Endless Summer Trail Run Series has garnered a strong local following and has gotten significant national media coverage as one of the best organized and most well attended trail running series in the country!