Welcome Runners to the Endless Summer Trail Run Series French 5KM! Below are just a few reminders about tomorrow night’s race – be sure to visit our website for full event details.

ESTRS French 5KM
Wednesday June 12th, 2019
French Regional Park
12605 Rockford Rd
Plymouth, MN 55441
Directions HERE https://goo.gl/maps/wbkdn5X9zTYbKNNW7
Parking Options HERE https://www.estrs.com/wp-content/uploads/French-5K-Parking-Map.jpg

Check-In Starts at 5:00 PM – Race Starts at 6:30 PM

* We understand that work days can be a little hectic, if you arrive after the start of the race you will not be able to pick up your number / officially start the race, however, you are welcome to get your swag item, go out for a run on your own and join us after.

A Few Changes This Year:
START / FINISH AREA: French Park has made some improvements to the Moraine Shelter where the race starts and finishes. One of the things they did was plant some large areas of new grass. Those areas are still roped off in order to protect the new grass, please DO NOT walk / go into these roped off areas. Due to areas being roped off, the start and finish layout may be a touch different than in years past and we will try to get everyone to congregate on the North side of the pavillion (as opposed to the South side, where the majority of people normally hang out). This should all be pretty obvious when you arrive but just wanted to make everyone aware ahead of time, especially those of you who have run the race in years past.

RACE COURSE: The race course will be slightly different than in years past and will be this way going forward – as a result, the course will be about about two-tenths of a mile longer. “Challenge Hill” has been rerouted / reconfigured a bit, so that will look a little different from years past. Shortly after Challenge Hill, at approximately mile 1.5 miles into the race, a short stretch of trail has been closed and rerouted bringing two trails that we run on very close together, so runners who are at mile 1.5 (approximately) will be able to see runners who are at mile 2.5 (approximately) – we will mark heavily in this area and we promise that it will be obvious where to go / what to do.

NO Race Day Registration:
Please note that we do not offer race day registration

There is plenty of parking within a short walk of the start, a map showing available parking is HERE https://www.estrs.com/wp-content/uploads/French-5K-Parking-Map.jpg – parking volunteers will be there to assist, please follow their direction. If you can carpool it is always appreciated!

Race Numbers:
Please know your race / bib number at check in, you can find that HERE https://www.estrs.com/2019-estrs-french-5km-bib-number-assignments/

Bring ID:
Be sure to bring your ID when you check in / pick up your race number and chip if you care to have a beer after – you will be issued a wrist band at this time – you can also bring your ID later but before is preferred.

NO Water Stop:
A reminder that there is no water stop for ESTRS races that are 4 miles or less (unless it is in that 90 and humid range). IF YOU FEEL YOU WILL NEED WATER, BRING / CARRY A WATER BOTTLE!

Weather, Heat & Thunderstorms:
It’s Summer, it can be hot. Be sure to carry water if you feel you will need it, for races over 4MI we will have a water stop around the half way point. We expect that you will use your personal judgment in deciding if it is too hot for you to run. The race will be held rain or shine – however, severe weather is a different story. To date we have never called off a race early / in advance due to the potential for severe weather – hopefully, the worse case scenario would be a delay in the start time once unsafe weather conditions have passed. If severe weather were to persist after a reasonable amount of time we would call off the event.

Chip Timing:
We will be chip-timing this race, your chip will be affixed to your race bib / number, please do not bend or fold your race number / timing chip.

Results will be posted live / in real time HERE https://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-49445

We will have some sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and posters for sale, cash or check only. You can get an idea of the offerings HERE https://photos.app.goo.gl/HMuWgPX6wNEx6jsv7

Upcoming ESTRS Races:
The ESTRS Lebanon 7MI has sold out, there are however still spots left for the Murphy 5K and the new Spring Lake Park 5MI – we did a write-up about the new race HERE https://www.estrs.com/the-endless-summer-trail-run-series-comes-to-spring-lake-park-in-hastings/

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunity:
We have been getting plenty of volunteers for the Endless Summer Trail Run Series, being that they are smaller races, we do not need quite as many. We are however looking for volunteers for our Afton Trail Run on July 6th… if you have never checked it out before, volunteering is an excellent way to experience the Afton! Run some and volunteer at some! https://www.aftontrailrun.com/read-first/

Review our Website:
This email is not intended to be comprehensive, please take a moment to review all other information / everything you need to know can be found HERE https://www.estrs.com/

If you email us tomorrow there is no guarantee that we will be able to get back to you – we will be at the park getting things ready for the race! Everything you need to know should be on the website or listed above. See you all tonight for the race and pizza and refreshments after!

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]