Volunteer Communication 1 – Murphy 2013

Date: Friday June 15th, 2013
Subject: 2013 Endless Summer Trail Run Series Volunteer Email – Murphy 10K

Hi Everybody!

First off, we would thank you all for volunteering for the Endless Summer Trail Run Series Murphy 10K on Wednesday July 17th, 2013!  Without your help it would not be possible and it would not be as much fun!

Below you will find a list of who is volunteering and what everyone is doing (noting that most everyone has more than one task).  Race day registration and race number pickup starts at 5:00PM (the race starts at 6:30PM) park at the Mountain Bike Trailhead at Murphy Hanrehan Park in Savage. Those that can make it before 5:00 PM, say anytime between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM, please feel free to do so as we can have you help with setup and then can have a quick briefing at 4:45 PM just before runners start to arrive. Be sure to pick up a mug for yourself when you arrive and also stay for Pizza and beverages after! Let me know if you have any questions – otherwise we will see you next Wednesday and will get you pointed in the right direction when you arrive! More general info about the Murphy 10K can be found HERE http://www.endlesssummertrailrunseries.com/murphy/

*Volunteers listed alphabetical by first name – most volunteers have more than one job.
Total 23 | Marking (2), Sweeping (3) Setup (5), Registration (10), Aid Station (6), Finish Line / Area / Timing (11), Cleanup (21)

Ariak Hage + Kids – Registration, Finish Line, Cleanup
Bob Marsh – Sweep, Cleanup
Charlie Murray –  Setup, Registration, Aid Station, Finish Line, Cleanup
Cheri Storkamp – Registration, Finish Area-Food etc., Cleanup
Dan LaPlante – Sweep, Cleanup
Randy Fulton – Timing
Bill Pomerenke – Aid Station, Finish Line, Cleanup
Erik Lindstrom – SM, Cleanup
Holly Karas – Registration, Finish Area w/ Cheri, Cleanup
Jim Wilson – Registration, Finish Line, Cleanup
Joe Boler – Marking
Joni Brown – Aid Station, Backup Timing, Cleanup
John Pitera – Setup, Merch, Cleanup
John Storkamp – All
Josh Brown – Aid Station, Backup Timing, Cleanup
Kayla Welzant – Setup, Registration, Finish Area w/Cheri, RN, Cleanup
Kurt Decker – PA, Awards, Cleanup
Mike Bateman – Registration, Aid Station, Finish Line, Cleanup
Misty Schmidt – Registration, Finish Area w/ Cheri, Cleanup
Ross Jilk – Sweep, Cleanup
Scott Radke – Setup, Float, Cleanup
Steve Tapajna – Setup, Registration, Aid Station, Finish Line, Cleanup
Troy Feustel – Aid Station, Cleanup
Valeria La Rosa – Registration, Finish Area w/ Cheri, Cleanup

Thank You,John Storkamp

Race Director
Endless Summer Trail Run Series

2020 Endless Summer Trail Run Series (ESTRS)

Weeknight trail races for everyone!
Twin Cities area, Minnesota
5 X Wednesday Nights
Races start at 6:30PM
$25.00 (+registration fees)

* Click links below for info specific to each race.

Lebanon 10KM – Wed May 20
French 5KM – Wed June 17
Lebanon 7MI – Wed July 8
Murphy 5KM – Wed July 29
Spring Lake 5MI – Wed August 5

Opens Wednesday January 1, 2020 – 12:01AM CST
Closes the Tuesday before each event  at 11:59PM – OR once the field limit has been met.
Complete Registration Details HERE


About ESTRS:
Remember when you were young and the summer days were hot, relaxing and seemingly endless?  Well, as adults we still get that but usually only on weekends and holidays… until now.  The Endless Summer Trail Run Series is the brain-child of two passionate Minnesota trail-running main-stays – Rocksteady Running and Twin Cities Running Company.  The series was created to provide low-key, low-pressure trail running / racing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned trail or road racer, first time trail-racer, need a tune-up for your next race, need to get in some speed-work or just want to have some pizza, pop and beer with us at the finish – running one or all of the races in the series is for you.  The Endless Summer Trail Run Series has garnered a strong local following and has gotten significant national media coverage as one of the best organized and most well attended trail running series in the country!