Volunteer Communication 1 Hyland 7MI 2015

Date: Tuesday July 28th, 2015
Subject: 2015 Endless Summer Trail Run Series Volunteer Email – Hyland 7MI

Hi All!

We cannot thank you all enough for volunteering throughout the year and for the upcoming Hyland 7MI on Tuesday August 4th, 2015!
Below you will find a list of who is volunteering and what everyone is doing (noting that most everyone has more than one task).  Race number / packet pickup starts at 5:00PM (the race starts at 6:30PM) at “Jans Place” at Hyland Park Reserve – Directions HERE – once you arrive at Hyland follow park signage to Jan’s Place. For those that are helping with registration please try to arrive by 4:45 PM / just before runners start to arrive – ask for Cheri!

For those working the aid station, you won’t have far to go, it is at “Jan’s Place” as well – adjacent to the registration area, start area and finish area – we anticipate the first runners through the aid station by 6:45 – all of the equipment will be there and setup when you arrive, you will just need to pour cups of water and do the final touches… those with other tasks with downtime can help at the aid station as well!

*Volunteers listed alphabetical by first name – most volunteers have more than one job.

Ava Hoff – Registration / Finish Area / Food Helper / Cleanup
Bill Pomerenke – Aid Station, Aid Station Takedown, Cleanup
Brent Knight – Salomon / All
Bob Marsh – Course Sweeping
Brittany Pentek – Aid Station / Cleanup
Cheri Storkamp – All, Setup, Registration, Food, Cleanup
Christine Loza – Aid Station / Cleanup
Craig – Registration, Timing, Cleanup
Curtis Seleen – Registration / Timing Helper / Finish Line
Dan LaPlante – Course Sweeping
Emma – Setup, All
Gary Sheets – Cleanup (running race)
Greg Poettgen – Adventure EMT
Harold Curioz – Aid Station / Cleanup
Jackie Sorenson – Registration / Finish Line / Cleanup
Jim Wilson – Floater / Cleanup
Joe Boler – Marking
John Storkamp – All
John Horns – Course Marshall (Southern Loop) AVAIL. PENDING
Joy Parker – Medical / Adventure EMT
Julie Ward – Finish Line
Kathy Jambor – Registration / Finish Area / Food Helper
Kayla Welzant – Cheri’s Right Hand Lady
Kurt Decker – All, Setup, DJ, MC, Cleanup
Leia Ritt – Registration (running race)
Leslie Nagel – Finish Area / Food Helper / Cleanup
Lynnea Fredrikson – Registration / Finish Area / Food Helper / Cleanup
Marie – Timing
Maria Garbaly – Aid Station / Cleanup
Mike Bateman – Course Marshall (Northern Loop) AVAIL. PENDING
Natalie Klein – Registration / Finish Area / Food Helper / Cleanup
Nordica Stocker – Finish Line / Cleanup
Rob Henderson – Timing helper
Ross Jilk – Course Sweeping
Stephanie Hoff – Registration / Finish Area / Food Helper / Cleanup

We know that it is a busy / tiring night for volunteers but anyone that is willing to stay until the end and help us get cleaned up and packed up is certainly needed and appreciated, there is usually a big push to get this going and done around 8:00PM or so and we are usually packed up and out by 9:00PM. Be sure to pick up a TC Running “Stadium Cup” for yourself when you arrive and also stay for Pizza and beverages after!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank You,

John Storkamp