2019 Endless Summer Trail Run Series Volunteer Email – Murphy 5KM

Date: Thursday July 25, 2019
Subject: 2019 Endless Summer Trail Run Series Volunteer Email – Murphy 5KM

Hi Everybody!

First off, we would thank you all for volunteering for the Endless Summer Trail Run Series Murphy 5K on Wednesday July 31st, 2019! Without your help it would not be possible and it would not be as much fun!

Volunteer assignments have been made and can be found on our website HERE https://www.estrs.com/volunteer-assignments-murphy-5km/ – be sure to search by last name and job as many people will have more than one task for the night. Please be sure to let me know if I made any mistakes (I have been known to!) or something does not work for you and we can easily adjust! Take a look at the “notes” section of the volunteer assignments, you can look for the people listed as “leads” when you arrive and they will point you in the right direction and obviously, you can always look for me or Cheri as well!

The race takes place / starts finishes at Murphy Hanrehan Park in Savage. More general info about the Murphy 5K can be found HERE http://www.endlesssummertrailrunseries.com/murphy/ You can find driving directions HERE https://goo.gl/maps/dpyem3f66jiWTjtTA

Be sure to pick up a sticker for yourself (this years giveaway) when you arrive and also stay for Pizza and beverages after! Also, even if you were not assigned to do so, please feel free to stay and help us get cleaned up and loaded out at the end of the night!

Let me know if you have any questions – otherwise we will see you at the race and will get you pointed in the right direction when you arrive!

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]