2019 Endless Summer Trail Run Series Volunteer Email French 5KM

Date: Tuesday June 4, 2019
Subject: 2019 Endless Summer Trail Run Series Volunteer Email – French 5KM

Hi Everybody!

First off, we would thank you all for volunteering for the Endless Summer Trail Run Series French 5KM on Wednesday June 12th, 2019 – we are just over 1 week out from the race! Without your help we couldn’t put on awesome races like this!

Volunteer assignments have been made and can be found HERE https://www.estrs.com/volunteer-assignments-french-5km/ – be sure to search by last name and job as many of you will have more than one task that night. Please be sure to let me know if something does not work for you and we can adjust! As always, anyone willing to stay to the very end and help until the trailer is loaded, it is greatly appreciated! You can report to those listed as LEADS for the positions you have been assigned.

We have more than enough volunteers! If you happen to have a good camera / be a good photographer, we could have you do that instead of what you are assigned to, let me know!

Race number pickup starts at 5:00PM (the race starts at 6:30PM) from the Moraine Shelter at French Regional Park in Plymouth – 12605 Rockford Rd, Plymouth, MN 55441 https://goo.gl/maps/E2CW2hZFev92. Once you arrive at French Park, follow the signs to the Moraine and Skyline Shelters this is the start / finish area for the race. We are usually packed up and out by 9:00PM. Be sure to pick up a sticker (this year’s giveaway) for yourself when you arrive and also stay for Pizza and beverages after!

As of right now, we do not have anyone assigned to a water stop – we don’t do water stops at 5KM races or shorter UNLESS it gets crazy hot, like 90F+, we will assess on race day AND if we do a water stop, it will be un-manned. If anyone that is volunteering has a pickup truck and would be willing to help pick up the water stop stuff up after all the runners have been through, that would be huge, please reply to this email and let me know! (two tables, two garbage cans, a few water jugs)

A final note about this years race at French. They have done some work on the Moraine pavilion and also planted new grass seed around it, so some large areas are roped off. This is going to alter how the race starts and finishes and the traffic flow into and out of the pavilion, so we may need some volunteers to simply help with traffic control – we will assess and assign as needed on race day. Just an FYI for when you show up and things look a bit wonky! It’s always something!

Let me know if you have any questions – otherwise we will see you next Wednesday and we will get you pointed in the right direction when you arrive! More general info about the French 5KM can be found HERE https://www.estrs.com/french-5km/.

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]